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January 2017 Board Minutes:

Executive Board Meeting:  January 9, 2017

Members present are:  Jason Snyder, Julie Sanders, Tom Craft, Brian Friebel, Gary Blum, Pat Wells, Shirley Swihart, Howard Harriman, Vicki DeBolt.  Jim Schaub excused.

Called to order by Jason.

Jason opened the meeting with information from OFMA Convention.  Unfortunately we learned that Bates Amusements announced this will be the last year they will be in business.
Discussion.  Bates did say they would honor 2017 as usual.  We have an opportunity to contract with Bates Brothers for 2018 with an option for 2019.  We want to contract them as soon as possible. There are approx. 10 other ride companies to choose from and if we are going to change our ride company, we need to go to some other fairs and see what they have.

Per a Motion passed at the August 25, 2015 Board Meeting, we will no longer have Homemakers Day.  Must make sure that it is not in the 2017 fair book.

Discussion on Sunday admission charge.
Jason wants large signs with daily admission prices and rides start @ noon Monday @ every gate.
Jason has already put in a request to Cpt. Zehnar for the security cameras.
Box seats are up for renewal.  Will be good for 2017 until 2020.

Discussion on distributing a lunch pass to local businesses.  The pass would get them in the gate from 11am-1pm to get lunch from any concession or Youth Hall Auxiliary.  Also a discussion for a chore pass for animal owners to get in, do their chores & leave.

Discussion on whether we need to spend $ on bleachers for the Grandstands since we will not have OSTPA.  Brian said we can use our bleachers that we use for MMA.  Jason said will save approx.  2K.

Timberworks is a done deal for lawn entertainment.

Jason informed the committee that Tracy Lawrence is out for Country Entertainment @ the Grandstands & Joe Diffie is in.

Julie had new info from some classes she attended @ the convention:  we do not have to publish open Board positions in any legal ad.  Also Horse Liability update-signs need to be posted in every horse barn & by horse arenas.  Discussion on who hires judges & all judges must be under contract (ours are) with payment being between $200 & $500.
We need transparency.

Tom:  nothing to report.

Brian:  asked about parking for MMA coming up-Jason taking care of it.
He has been approached by the workers of the pipeline wanting to camp approx. 200 units here in February, March & April.  Can hire Butler's for the honey wagon.  Water freezing a big issue.

Gary:  went to a beer sales class @ Convention & found it very interesting.  We would not want fence to fence beer sales all day long, but maybe another night in the Grandstands besides our County Entertainer.  Discussion.

Pat:  the Auxiliary has had a nice vacation.

Shirley:  Board Minutes are posted on the web site.  She can get a link specifically for them & leave minutes on for a year.

Howard:  asked about the open board position (Worthington).
Also asked for an update on putting meters on each building.  Jason stated Jim is looking into it.  
Emergency Action Plan - do we have one & everyone needs to know what to do if one occurs.  Should be updated on a yearly basis.  Brian stated we have a plan - restrooms in the Red Barn & lower level of the Grandstands.

Executive Session was called, Brian & Vicki were excused.

Respectfully submitted,
Vicki DeBolt


January 24, 2017

Jason called the meeting to order with Dave Fackler leading the Board recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  18 Board members present, 5 members excused, 2 positions open.

Jason asked for a motion to accept the Minutes, Angie/Julie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Treasurers Report:  Shirley stated we have $4,220.40 in outstanding bills.  Tom C. motioned to accept the Treasurers Report, Richard 2nd, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Events Coordinator:  Brian passed out the Calendar of Events.  We have the fights this weekend, and from now until November there is an event(s) booked every Saturday.
Brian is still in contact with the International Studebaker committee.  They are possibly going to have their rally here in 2019.  That could be a 2-5 thousand event.

Fair Manager:  at Convention Jason attended a class for sponsorship.  We will be making some changes.  Tracy Lawrence is out, Joe Diffie will be our major entertainer.  Contract is in process.
The Timberworks contract is signed.
Jason said we are thinking about sending out letters to local area businesses inviting them to come here for lunch between 11am-1pm.  They would have a ticket and pay admission, then admission would be returned to them as they leave the grounds to go back to work.  This would also be advertised in the fairbook, Facebook & on our web site.  Howard motioned to accept, Gene 2nd, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Gary attended a beer garden class.  We should consider haveing the beer garden for a few more Grandstand events.

We need fairbook changes asap.

Howard brought to our attention that we are no longer required to publish a legal notice in the newspaper for open board positions.  It is updated in the Red Book.  Open Board position are Troy & Worthington townships.

Committees:  all ok.

Old Business:  none

New Business:  Amanda asked about the board getting sponsorship for their golf carts.
Discussion.  Jim motioned each board member to pay/get sponsorship for their carts.  Amanda 2nd.
Discussion.  Motion rescinded until next Board Meeting when we have more info on all carts we pay for.

Jason informed the Board that Kim & Al Bates of Bates Amusement are retiring.  They will honor their 2017 contract.  Al's uncle owns Bates Brothers (a part of Bates Amusements) & they are offering to be our ride company for a 2018 fair, with an option for us to contract with them for 2019, 2020 & 2021.

Jason had talked to Roy Walter & Roy is resigning from the Board.  Roy has been on the Board since 1975.  He asked for a verbal motion to accept his resignation.  Howard/Angie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Albert Dunn recently passed away.  He was on the Board from 1957 to 1999.

Angie (new Pony Dept. Superintendent) has been looking in to things and states that this department is costing over $2,350.00.  This is way too much and she is trying to get this cost lowered considerably. She is working with Julie & they are trying to consolidate.  Angie motioned to accept changes in the Show Bill, Julie 2nd, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.  Angie will keep the Board up to date with further cost savings.

Jason informed the Board that according to ODA, muzzles are not to be used on any animal.  Motion to accept this rule for our fair, Amanda/Andy, 17 ayes, 1 opposed, motion carried.

John Gray has had conversations with the state EMA Director regarding the fairgrounds being a shelter in case of emergency.  We are registered in Richland County as an emergency shelter - the Red Barn & lower level of the Grandstands for approx. 1200 people.  The fairgrounds is also registered for sheltering & feeding because of our kitchens, and for food distribution.  We are a site for equipment storage as well, for the duration of the emergency.  Discussion.  All agreed we should have this on file.

We need door prizes and side raffles for our 3rd Annual Gun Raffle on March 4th.  Doors to open @ 6pm with the first drawing @ 6:30pm.

With no other business to discuss, motion to adjourn, Aangie/Gary, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Vicki DeBolt

November Board Minutes:

Executive Board Meeting    November 16, 2016

Called to order by Jason.

Members present are:  Jason, Howard, Pat, Tom, Jim, Bryan and Julie

Jason reported that he and Gary met with the commissioners about the payment for the year.  They are ok with "forgiving" the payment for the year due to the amount of updates we put into the grounds.

Our lease is up in 2018 for the grounds.

Suggested fair dates and attentive schedule is as follows:

August 6th 2017 - August 12th 2017

Sunday - Harness Racing

Monday - Harness Racing

Tuesday - Concert

Wednesday - Drag Racing

Thursday - OSTPA/OR/Rodeo

Friday - County Pull

Saturday - Derby

This will be all voted on at the meeting in November.

Howard Moved to purchase the white peg board from Lowes for $11.00 per board needing 50 of them.
Tom 2nd motion passed.

Howard moved to have Vicki mail out post cards to all board members reminding them they need to purchase their member pass for the year at the January meeting to be eligible to vote.
Tom 2nd motion passed.

Julie discussed the elections; the suggested slate would be that the positions remain the same for officers.  Open board spots currently are Worthington Twp.

Jason discussed the light pony barn superintendent; the executive board suggests Angie Swackhammer to fill that position.

Jim was asked to look into putting meters on the buildings that we normally rent out, the cost for that.

We thanked Pat and the ladies for putting new carpet in the fair board office.

Gun Raffle will be held March 4th 2017 tickets are being worked on.

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted

Julie Sanders


NOVEMBER 22, 2016

President Jason called the meeting to order with Dave B. leading the Board recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  19 Board Members present, 4 excused, 2 absent, and we welcomed new Board Member Scott Smith.

Julie motioned to accept the Minutes from October 25, Angie 2nd, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Treasurers Report:  Shirley stated all bills are paid & current except for the Commissioners & the $20K we borrowed from the Auxiliary for fair start up.  Motion to accept Treasurers Report,  Julie/Loren, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Shirley asked for a motion to accept the 2017 proposed budget, Rick/Julie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Events Coordinator:  New carpet has been installed in the Board meeting room & the Auxiliary meeting room.  The old carpet was unbelievably stained & we sincerely thank the Ladies for their very generous offer to pay for the new carpet.
The Grounds has been weatherized.  We have received salt from the County.  Storage is full.  We need parking for the MMA fights January 28th.

Committee Reports - Campgrounds:  Jason stated 2017 fair camping letters will be mailed in February.  Checks will come directly to the Fair Office.

Old Business:  Concerning the discussion at the Annual Meeting about the Pie Auction and 60%/40% payout, Fran stated this is a fairgrounds fund raiser & payout should remain as is. 
Howard: peg boards for the A&C Bldg. have been ordered & paid for.

New Business:  Julie (Nominating Committee) motioned to retain existing Board Officers, Dale 2nd, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.  The Board cast a unanimous ballot, Dale/Richard, all ayes, no opposed.
New Pony Barn Superintendent:  candidates are Angie Swackhammer & Dale Bemiller.  Written ballot called for with Angie voted as new superintendent.
Jason started discussion on 2017 Fair dates & entertainment:  2016 Harness Racing made a 2 day profit of approx. 18K.  Angela of Phillips Manuf. said their sponsorship will be between 12K & 15K.  RJ of Klein Ent. has said 25K for main Grandstand entertainment will not be enough-need 27K.  Free grounds entertainment in circle yard:  Timberworks Lumberjacks perform 3 30 minute shows/day @ 15K.
Discussion on dropping OSTPA as they want more money & are getting harder to work with (2016 lost 4,381.50).
Motions asked for: 2017 fair dates being August 6-12, Julie/Angie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried; Harness Racing Sunday & Monday, Dale/Angie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried; Opening Ceremony Sunday @ noon, Fran/Loren, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Grandstand Entertainment
Tuesday night cost:
Tracy Lawrence:  27K with sound, stage & lighting
Joe Diffie:  26K - 27K
Matt Chestnut:  25K
Sammy Kershaw:  25K
Motion to contract Tracy Lawrence, Angie/Dale, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Motion to contract KOI Drag Racing for Wednesday, Julie/Richard, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Motion to have Rodeo for Thursday, Howard/Angie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Motion to have County Pull Friday, John/Howard, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Motion to contract Timberman for grounds entertainment, Tom C./Howard, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
Motion to have an open horse show, Dale/Richard, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.
New Ideas:  Crash combat game in circle yard, photographer to take livestock pictures & would need trailer space & electric - Cost?

OFMA convention in Columbus January 4-8.  Delegate: Jason; Alternate Delegate: Julie.
Motion to accept Delegates, Gary/Mike, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

Swearing in of Board Members & Officers:
Gary, Howard, Fran, Leo, Jason, Scott,
Jason, Gary, Shirley, Vicki

3rd Annual RCAS Gun Raffle scheduled for March 3rd.  Tickets ordered.  Sponsorship from Sportsman's Den & Fin Feather & Fir.

Motion to allow executive Committee handle Board business in December, Tom C./Julie, all ayes, no opposed, motion carried.

With no other business to conduct, motion to adjourn, Howard/Loren, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted
Vicki DeBolt, Secretary