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2018 Richland County Fair Schedule of Activities

8am-5pm Market Livestock to be brought onto the fairgrounds (vet on duty)  
9am-1pm Market Rabbit weigh-in - no rabbit weigh-in after 1pm Rabbit Barn
10am-5:45pm 4-H Fair Booth set-up Youth Hall
12pm-5pm All Arts & Crafts Exhibits except flowers accepted Arts & Crafts bldg
12:45pm Jr Fair King & Queen Orientation John Hartz bldg
1pm Jr Fair King & Queen Tea John Hartz bldg
1:30pm Jr Fair King & Queen Interviews Admin bldg
4pm-7pm Broilers, Turkeys & Ducks weighed in
Must all be in before 7pm.  No poultry weigh-in after 7pm.
Poultry Barn
5pm JR FAIR MARKET livestock in place  
  Barn meeting ( all animal species) John Hartz bldg
5:45pm All 4-H & FFA booths in place (Youth Hall closed to public for judging) Youth Hall
6pm Bake-a-Rama Entry Forms due Jr Fair Office
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES Jr Fair Office
6:30pm Barn meeting (all animal species) John Hartz bldg
8pm All other Jr Fair Animals (including horses, breeding, alpacas) in place.  Horse barn meeting and body condition scoring with fair veterinarian.  
 SUNDAY AUGUST 5th Admission $2.00  
 9am Judging:  Arts & Crafts exhibits, Dept's.  12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 Arts & Crafts bldg
  Judging:  Jr Fair Saddle Horse English Show Horse Arena
10:30am Jr Fair Barn meeting - all animal species John Hartz bldg
11am-12pm Bake-a-Rama items brought to the John Hartz building John Hartz bldg
12 Noon RIDES OPEN  
12 Noon All still Jr Fair Exhibits in place
Weight-in schedule TBA
            Steers        Lambs
            Goats         Feeder Calves
11am-5pm Bloodmobile Red Barn
1pm John Hartz bldg closed (Bake-a-Rama judging) John Hartz bldg
  4-H Dog Agility Show Horse Pleasure Arena
3pm-8pm 1st Flower Show Entries accepted Arts & Crafts bldg
4:30pm Judging:  Jr Fair Llama & Alpaca Show/Open Class Alpaca to follow, Dept. 1 Show Arena
6pm Jr Fair King & Queen Pageant & Coronation John Hartz bldg
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES  
7pm Bake-a-Rama Awards & Auction John Hartz bldg
  Judging:  Jr Fair Saddle Horse Speed Day Show Horse Arena
  "Angel Wings"  (Country Southern Gospel Music) Nature Park
  Sponsor of the Day - Boot Life  Welcome Tent
8am - Closing                            Senior Citizen Day (62 and older)  
8am - 11am 1st Flower Show entries accepted Arts & Crafts bldg
8:30am Judging:  Jr Fair Poultry Rabbit Arena
9am Judging:  Jr Fair Saddle Horse Western Show Horse Arena
10am Judging:  Jr Fair/Open Class Draft Hitches, Dept. 2 Draft Horse Arena
12 Noon RIDES OPEN  
  Judging:  Flower Show, Dept. 17 Arts & Crafts bldg
  Judging:  Jr Fair Swine Showmanship, market hog classes immediately following showmanship classes Show Arena
2pm Ageless Beauty Contest - Mardi Gras (Sponsored by Shelby Pointe) John Hartz bldg
2pm-8pm Bloodmobile Red Barn
3pm "Malabar Farm State Park - Some Place Special" (Mark Sommer, Park Naturalist) Nature Park
4pm "Healthier Soil Trough Compost" (Eric Larson, Richland County Master Gardener) Nature Park
5pm Harness Racing GRANDSTAND
6:30pm Jr Fair Dog Fun Show (Open to all 4-H dog projects) John Hartz bldg
7PM Horse Royalty Coronation Horse Arena
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES   
  Judging:  Swine Open Class - Dept. 8 Show Arena
  "Matt Goodrich " (Older to Modern Top 40 Country) Nature Park
TUESDAY AUGUST 7th  Free until 3pm - 3pm to closing $6.00  
8:30am Judging:  Jr Fair Goat Show - Showmanship, breeding and market classes Show Arena
9am Judging:  Jr Fair Horse Speed Challenge Horse Arena
  Judging:  Open Class Poultry (Showmanship prior to judging of classes), Dept. 10 Poultry Barn
  Judging:  Open Class Rabbits, Dept. 11  
10am Jr Fair Small Equine Show Horse Arena
11am-5pm Bloodmobile Red Barn
12 Noon RIDES OPEN  
2pm  Judging:  Open Class Goats, Dept. 9  
  Jr Fair Horse Versatility Show Horse Arena
3pm "Establishing a Backyard Butterfly Garden" (Emilee Hardesty, Division of Wildlife Biologist) Nature Park
  Jr Fair Born & Bred Steer Show Show Arena
  Judging:  Open Class Beef Cattle, Dept. 6  
4pm "Rainfall Simulator Demonstration: The Effect of Rain on the Land" (Richland Soil and Water Conservation District. (This program will take place in the building.) Nature Park
  Judging:  Jr Fair Draft Horse and Pony Halter/Showmanship Draft Horse Arena
  Judging:  Showmanship Classes, Dept. 2 Draft Horse Arena
  Judging:  Jr Fair Steer Showmanship/Market Classes Show Arena
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES  
7pm "Acoustic Super Friends" Nature Park
7pm-9pm Appleseed Square Dancing John Hartz
8:30am Judging:  Jr Fair Rabbits:  Showmanship, breeding & market classes Rabbit Arena
  Judging:  Jr Fair Beef Breeding Show Arena
9am Judging:  Open Class Draft Pony Halter Classes, Dept. 2  
  Judging:  Open Class Light Pony, Dept. 5  
10am Judging:  Jr Fair Feeder Calves Show Arena
  Judging:  Open Class Draft Horse Halter Classes, Dept. 2  
11am-5pm Bloodmobile In Front of Red Barn
12 Noon RIDES OPEN  
12Noon - 2pm Pie Auction Entries Arts & Crafts bldg
2:30pm Judging:  Pie's Arts & Crafts bldg
3pm "Basic Beekeeping" (Sonny Barker, Richland Area Beekeepers Association) Nature Park
4pm "Snakes of Richland County" (Richland County Park District - Gorman Nature Center) Nature Park
5pm Pie Auction Arts & Crafts bldg.
6pm Draft Horse Under Saddle Fun Show  
  "Season 5 - Lexington Idol" Presents Our Local "Rising Stars" Nature Park
  Jr Fair Talent Show John Hartz bldg
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES  
  Sponsor of the Day - Akron Children's Hospital Welcome Tent
8am - Closing Armed Forces Day  
8am - 11am 2nd Flower Show Entries Arts & Crafts bldg
8:30am Judging:  Jr Fair Sheep Show - Showmanship,breeding & market classes Show Arena
9am Jr Fair Saddle Horse Fun Day:  Paint Your Pony Day Horse Arena
  Jr Fair Horse Show-off Horse Arena
10am Draft Horse Farm Day Classes Draft Horse Arena
11am-5pm Bloodmobile In front of Red Barn
12 Noon RIDES OPEN  
  Judging:  Flower Show, Dept. 17 Arts & Crafts bldg
1:30pm Barnyard Olympics (Farm Bureau sponsored) Show Arena
2:30pm Draft Horse Kids Activities, Dept. 2  
3pm "Birds of Prey" (Ohio Bird Sanctuary) Nature Park
4pm "It's Only Rain, So Why Should We Care?" (Learn about storm water and how you can be a part of protecting our water quality, Kim Hildreth, Program Coordinator, City of Mansfield Engineering Department) Nature Park
5pm tentative Jr Fair Livestock Auction (rabbits, poultry) (species order TBA) Show Arena
6pm Draft Horse Costume, Stick Horse & Under Saddle, Dept. 2 Draft Horse Arena
6pm - 9pm Johnny Appleseed Squares - 50th Anniversary Red Barn
6:30pm 4-H Style Revue John Hartz bldg
7pm Rodeo Grandstand
  "Henry Konczak" (Electic Combination of Music Spanning Several Decades) Nature Park
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES  
  Sponsor of the Day - Nationwide Children's Hospital Welcome Tent
9am Judging:  Open Class Sheep, Dept. 7 Goat Barn
9:30am Dog Agility Show Horse Arena
10am Light Horse Show, Dept. 4  
11am Groom & Clean Horse Activity Main Horse Arena
12 Noon Rides Open  
12 Noon - 1pm Kiddie Pedal-Tractor Pull Entries Show Arena
1pm Kiddie Tractor Pull (Sponsored by: Gorman-Rupp Company, Jones Potato Chips, Awardsmith Trophies & Plaques & Westfield Tropical Sno) (Special "Thank You" to Bill and Cathy Gardner for helping with the Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull) Show Arena
3pm "Turtles of Richland County" (Richland County Park District - Gorman Nature Center) Nature Park
3:30pm Judging: Jr Fair Showman of Showmen Contest  
4pm "Landscaping with Native Plants" (Bill Flanegan, Richland County Master Gardener) Nature Park
5pm Draft Horse Dinner (draft horse exhibitors only) John Hartz Bldg
7pm "David L. Joseph Productions, Ltd." (Classic Music and Memories) Nature Park
  Jr Fair Family Fun Night - for Jr Fair exhibitors advisors & families only; sponsored by Richland County 4-H Committee John Hartz bldg
  Jr Fair Office CLOSES John Hartz bldg
  Sponsor of the Day - Richland County Pregnancy Services Welcome Tent
9:30am Jr Fair Livestock Auction: Species:  Steers, Hogs, Lambs, Feeder Calves and Goats (species order TBA) Show Arena
10am Draft Horse  & Draft Pony Pull, Dept. 2 Horse Arena
12 Noon RIDES OPEN  
4:30pm Jr Fair Recognition & Awards Program John Hartz bldg
7pm Jr Fair Office CLOSES  
  "Qwik Silver"  (Jazz, Blues & Classic Rock) Nature Park
10:15 - 11pm Booth (4-H & FFA) Take Down (building closes at 10pm) Youth Hall
11pm - Midnight Booth Take Down Fairhaven Hall