Richland County Agricultural Society Auxiliary

The RCAS Auxiliary is a dedicated group of 11 ladies who have a special interest in the Richland County Fairgrounds. Most of them are from a rural background and have been fair goers since early childhood. They VOLUNTEER their time to assist where needed, but primarily work in the food service area where they prepare and serve food for the scheduled events held at the fairgrounds throughout the year. Events such as auctions, flea markets, Bottle shows, Toy Shows, bingo, livestock sales, gun shows, The Buckeye Iron Will, camping rallies, wedding receptions, the Civil War show, the Ham fest, the Home and Garden Show, craft shows, Martial Arts contests, the Mock Crash and Holiday Parties keep us busy all year.

The Youth Hall cafeteria was built in 1994 at a cost of $500,000.00 which we paid off in 2003. That along with the Snack Bar in Fair Haven Hall, a kitchenette in the Arts and Crafts Building and a snack bar in the Grandstand are the bases of our food service operations. However, we have set up in other buildings on occasion to accommodate event planners.

The monies realized from this service are funneled back into the Fairgrounds in the form of siding for all the barns, improvements for the Red Barn, replacement of barn roofs, vehicles, ice machines, a small freezer and refrigeration for the kitchens, plus many repair services throughout the year; all of which make the Richland County Fairgrounds the envy of other counties and provides a great place for almost any event.

To accomplish all this, the members of the Auxiliary need extra help for the really large events such as The Civil War Show and during the Fair. During the fair alone we need 30 – 35 people each day to staff the cafeteria and grand­stand. We are fortunate to have a group of wonderful people in the community who are willing to assist us. We simply could not do this without the help of community members.

We are always looking for additional members. If you have a special interest in the Fairgrounds and would like to join our ranks, you are welcome. All that is required is for you to purchase a membership of $25.00. We meet the 4th Mon­day of each month in the Fairgrounds office at 10:00 am. More information may be received by contacting Pat Wells, Auxiliary president at 419.756.6863.

Members: Janie Barnhart, Jean Green, Carol Shults, Pat Wells, Lisa Knipp, Barb Dedrick and Louise Ball.